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Are you an independent insurance agency owner kept up at night by technology outpacing your ability to keep up?

Do you want to adopt mobile, Big Data, and artificial intelligence technologies but don't know where to start? Are you worried that you won't be able to keep up with your customer demands? Do you fear that the cost of implementing these technologies is prohibitive? Well, if so, then you've come to the right place. At StartUPLabs we're dedicated to helping agencies and brokers just like you begin the journey towards automation and innovation without breaking the bank. Schedule some time today to discuss how we can customize a strategy for your agency.

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Market Trends & Analysis

According to a recent Accenture report, 86% of insurers say their organization must innovate at an increasingly rapid pace just to keep a competitive edge. StartUPLabs will get your agency started on the path to competitive advantage with key market trends and outlooks, a review of your complete business cycle, followed by customized reporting on how automation can increase your sales and reduce costs. Let us equip you to harness the power of digital and stay ahead of the massive disruptions that are starting to impact the insurance industry.

Digital Kiosks

Customers today demand a seamless and "easy to do business with" experience. If they visit an agency, they don't expect to wait in line to speak with an agent but rather would like the option to self-service their own policy. This could include looking up a rate quote, adding a vehicle to an existing policy, making a payment, or printing out an insurance card. This is why digital self-service kiosks are an important component of the new era of automation. Not only does a kiosk save the customer time but it also increases the efficiency of the agency - eliminating overhead and making better usage of staffing resources. In case you're considering an on premise digital kiosk, StartUPLabs can provide the knowledge and expertise to see your project through from inception to implementation.

Mobile Applications

Customers today want the ability to service their policies on the go - whether from the car, at the store, or in the air. Requiring customers to enter an office and speak with an agent is no longer sustainable. Astute insurance agencies are realizing that to set themselves apart in today's competitive market, they need to meet the needs of mobile customers. An application can provide the secret to transforming your customer engagement by providing a more seamless connection between agent and policyholder and giving them the opportunity to self-service their policies on the go. StartUPLabs can help you get started on the road to automation today with a customized mobile application.

Is Your Agency Prepared?

Watch this short video, courtesy of PA Consulting, that presents the Future of Insurance . . . which is here now.

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"StartUPLabs brings the technologies and services you need to grow your business together into one place. It's strategy, content, design, and marketing for the digital era."

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