No list or no product? No worries. With our Seed Launch package we'll teach you how to create a list from scratch. We'll also teach you how to get paid for starting your own business. From developing your initial content offering to posting your squeeze page, we'll help you get started and on the path to launching the business you've always wanted.

Starting at

*Paid In Full Before Work Starts

Included in this package

  • Identify Your Passion/Scope Your Market
  • Build a Simple Squeeze Page
  • Script/Storyboard/Produce Your Video
  • Develop Your Offer for 3-7 Coaching Calls
  • Help Deliver Your Content
  • Record, Transcribe & Package Your Product



This launch is perfect if you have an existing business and/or if you've already gone through our Seed Launch. You have the list and the product, now it's time to light this rocket ship. With an Internal Launch you will be progressing through the full pre-launch sequence and then opening your cart for a 7 day roll-out of your product.

Starting at

*50% Upfront & Balance in 14 Days

Included in this package

  • Plan & Schedule Your Launch
  • Develop Prelaunch Content #1-3
  • Script/Storyboard/Produce Videos #1-3
  • Build Your Landing Pages & Sales Page
  • Manage Open Cart & Messaging
  • Post-Launch & Follow-up


This is the most powerful Launch strategy of all. Here the Sky's truly the Limit! Building upon the success of the Seed & Internal Launches, now you're ready to partner with 4 or 5 partners whose audiences would benefit from Your unique offer. We'll manage the whole process start to finish so you can focus on the financial rewards!
Starting at

*50% Upfront & Balance in 14 Days

Included in this package

  • Build Your Unique Content Offerings
  • Identify Your Partners
  • Develop Your Landing Pages & Sales Page
  • Market Your Unique Launch on Social Media
  • Manage Open Cart & Messaging
  • Track Conversions & Pay Partners Commission