Jeffrey Walker


Jeffrey Walker brings to the table a decade of IT experience in project management, entrepreneurship, and business development. This includes 4 years as an emerging technologies consultant for MassMutual Life Insurance in Boston. Jeffrey has supervised numerous technology projects, including research assessments, workflow planning, website design & testing, content management, and digital marketing. Jeffrey holds multiple master’s degrees, including an Ed.M. from Columbia University, and leverages this broad and interdisciplinary background to drive innovation and empower people in today’s digital world.

Remy Glaiser

Digital Strategist & Developer

Remy Glaisner is co-founder of Myria Research, which provides business analysis around robotics and automation technologies. He helped develop the concepts of the chief robotics officer (CRO) and robotics as a service (RaaS). Glaisner previously worked at Gartner Research as an insurance industry analyst and has a degree in electronics automation from the University of Paris.

Mufaro Chivore

Automation Marketer

After working for various digital marketing companies in NYC for a decade, Mufaro realized that the tools and technologies out there are leading to major disruptions in the market place. Seizing the opportunity, Mufaro escaped from the matrix and is now happily working as an independent consultant and telling others how to “growth hack” their way to the top. When not driving a new Facebook campaign or pitching the latest A/B testing tools, Mufaro can be found making a YouTube video. Check out his growing collection of vlogs here.