Meet our team

Jeffrey Walker


Jeffrey is a business starter and innovator who resides in the Boston area. He has worked in IT for the past 10 years, including 3 years as an emerging technologies researcher for a Fortune 100 company in Boston. Jeffrey also does frequent technology blogging and consulting. During 2009-2010 he served as founder and CEO of a small startup specializing in open source human-robot interaction (HRI). Jeffrey holds multiple master’s degrees, including an Ed.M. from Columbia University, and leverages this broad and interdisciplinary background to drive innovation and empower people in today’s digital world.

Remy Glaisner

Lead Analyst

Remy Glaisner is co-founder of Myria Research, which provides business analysis around robotics and intelligent operational systems (RIOS) technologies. He helped develop the concepts of the chief robotics officer (CRO) and robotics as a service (RaaS). Glaisner previously worked at Gartner and has a degree in electronics automation from the University of Paris.

Mufaro Chivore

Head Of Growth

After working for various digital marketing companies in NYC for a decade, Mufaro realized that the tools and technologies out there are leading to major disruptions in the market place. Seizing the opportunity, Mufaro escaped from the matrix and is now happily working as an independent consultant and telling others how to “growth hack” their way to the top. When not driving a new Facebook campaign or pitching the latest A/B testing tools, Mufaro can be found making a YouTube video. Check out his growing collection of vlogs here.

Dushyant Patni

Chief Web Developer

Dushyant brings to the table a wealth of experience in computer science and programming. He holds a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree in Computer Science with a focus on Java and Database Management Systems. Dushyant’s expertise is in WordPress and Android-based Applications but is also highly versatile in PHP, JavaScript, and other modern programming languages. He has used these skills to build countless high quality and elegant websites and applications over the past 4 years. Aside from his expertise in web design & development, Dushyant is also a master at SEO techniques and technologies, and has helped many startups and small businesses improve their online rankings and increase ROI.

Elicia Tedrow

Content Writer and Digital Marketer

Elicia has been working with startup companies all over the world as a content writer and digital marketer for over 4 years. She specializes in helping organizations write about technology, marketing and entrepreneurship. She holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Mass Media and another in Media Arts and Animation. If you want to swap travel stories, chat about movies or discuss interesting content projects, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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